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Compostable Bag

Compostable bags are a versatile and sustainable solution for a wide range of packaging applications, including fresh produce, short shelf-life food, non-food items, garment covers, and more.

These bags are certified as home compostable and industrial compostable, ensuring they break down safely and naturally without leaving behind harmful microplastics.


With excellent mechanical properties, puncture resistance, water resistance, and print capabilities, Treetop Biopak's Compostable Bags offer superior performance and environmental responsibility.

Compostable Bag - Key Features

  • TUV certification 'OK Home Compostable' bag up to 60 μm.

  • TUV certification 'OK Compost Industrial' 60 μm - 123 μm.

  • Food contact approved

  • GMO-Free bag is available for organic produce. 

  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Very good impact and puncture resistance.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Suitable for manual and automatic bagging lines.

  • Good material perforation, keeping fruit and vegetable fresh.

  • Printable.

Supply Format

  • On wickets or loose.

  • Rolls with tear strips.

  • Loose stack in box.


  • Fresh produce and bakery products.

  • Carrier or waste bags.

  • Non-food applications.

  • Compostable mailing bags

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