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Compostable Stretch Film

Treetop Biopak's Compostable Stretch Film stands out as a sustainable alternative to traditional stretch films, offering equivalent performance while adhering to environmental standards.


This home and industrially compostable film boasts excellent stretch capabilities, self-stickiness, and durability, making it ideal for bundling, presentation, and protecting products.


Stretch film is used in vast volumes for pallet wrapping, as protective packaging wrap around components, in the logistics supply chain, and in retail. A move to compostable stretch would reduce tons off companies plastic footprint.   

Stretch film 

With certifications from Din Certco and EU regulations, Compostable Stretch Film is a reliable choice for businesses seeking eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Compostable Stretch Film - Key Features

  • Din Crtco certification Home compostable AS5810.

  • Din Certco certification Industrial compost EN13432

  • Similar performance to PE / PVC film.

  • Suitable for transit protection and for presentation.

  • Excellent stretch capabilities.

  • Excellent self-stickiness – no glue.

  • Performs on manual, semi and fully auto machines.

  • High gloss and clarity.

  • Thickness 10-23 micron.

Reel Format

  • Paper core

  • Standard width: 25cm, 45cm, 50cm

  • Customized with available

  • Length: 15–2500 metre


  • Protect - palletising, luggage wrapping, sensitive components.

  • Present - fruit and vegetable trays, sandwiches.

  • Preserve - food containers and surfaces cover.

  • Collation wrapping

  • Over wrapping

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