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Our vision is a culture that is respectful of the way it utilises nature's resources and its ability to regenerate them.


It's not only about 'do no harm,' it is about 'doing good ' and benefiting the environment. 


We  introduce innovative compostable packaging solutions for common packaging products, making it easier for manufacturers, retailers and brands to replace plastic with environmentally friendly alternatives.


Treetop Biopak bridges the gap between innovation in bio plastic material technology and its application.

Compostable packaging cicle -

Why compostable?

All materials that we make and use, will eventually end their life back in the environment, even if we do reuse or recycle them a few times. The main solutions for plastic today are incineration, causing toxic fumes, or landfill, adding to soil and sea pollution.

We need to make sure, as much as we can, that the materials we use will be safe when finally disposed of. Compostable bio-plastic, when disposed of correctly, will biodegrade within a few months, not leaving any micro-plastic or pollutants behind.  

Compostable bio-plastic not only reduces plastic pollution, it also contributes to restoration and regeneration of our soil resources.

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