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Compostable Net Bag

Treetop Biopak's Compostable Net is a versatile and sustainable solution for a wide range of packaging applications.


TUV certified and food contact approved, this extruded net bag boasts superior tear and heat resistance, ensuring durability and resilience. It can be customized with paper labels or PLA handles for enhanced branding and presentation.


With a maximum diameter of 50cm and weight capacity of up to 2kg, the Compostable Net Bag can accommodate a diverse range of products, from fresh produce like onions and citrus to wrapped sweets and chocolate. Its adjustable sizing and closure options, either metal clips or heat welding, make it adaptable to various filling and sealing techniques.


Suitable for both manual filling and automated fill-and-seal machines, the Compostable Net seamlessly integrates into existing packaging processes while upholding eco-conscious standards. Its compostable nature aligns with the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, making it an ideal choice for businesses committed to sustainability.

Compostable Net Bag - Key Features


  • Food contact approved

  • extruded net

  • Eco-friendly net bag

  • Tubular net with superior tear & heat resistance.

  • Closure with a metal clip or heat welding.

  • Incorporated paper label or PLA handle possible.

  • Can be supplied in a variety of colors.

  • Maximum diameter and thickness can be customized.

  • Suitable for manual fill or for fill and seal automated machines.

  • Similar functionality to a plastic net.

  • Max diameter 50cm.

  • Adjustable thickness and weight.

  • Packs up to 2kg product.

Reel Format

  • Tubular net.

  • On reel.

  • Individual strips.

  • Paper label or compostable PLA handles provided.


  • Fresh produce, nuts, wrapped sweets.

  • Protection for flower bud, bottles etc.

  • Non-food packing and presentation.

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