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Compostable Cling Film

Treetop Biopak's Compostable Cling film is a versatile and sustainable option for wrapping fresh produce, cheese, and bakery products.


This compostable cling film is certified compostable by Din Certco, ensuring it breaks down into natural substances in home or industrial composting facilities.


The compostable cling boasts excellent stretch capabilities, self-stickiness, and breathability, making it a practical choice for both domestic use and food service. Its durability and ability to keep food fresh make it an excellent solution for hospitality, catering, and industry and individuals seeking an eco-friendly and functional alternative to traditional cling film and reduce their plastic footprint.

Compostable Cling Film - Key Features

  • Suitable for direct food contact.

  • Compostable Stretch Wrap Din Certco Certified.

  • Similar performance to PE / PVC film.

  • Suitable for product protection and for presentation.

  • Excellent stretch capabilities.

  • Excellent self-stickiness – no glue.

  • Good material breathability keeping meat / fruit / vegetables fresh.

  • High gloss and clarity.

  • Food grade approved - EU & FDA.

  • Suitable for ambient, chilled, and frozen.

  • Available in boxed (bespoke decoration) and with slide cutter

Reel Format

  • Core 30mm, 50mm, 76mm

  • Rolls with tear strips.

  • Width and length adjustable to requierments

  • Carious boxeig options available


  • Foodservice and catering

  • Domestic use

  • Automated machine wrapping

  • Fresh produce, cheese and bakery products

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