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Compostable Shrink Wrap

Treetop Biopak's Compostable Shrink Film is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic shrink wrap. Made from compostable bioplastic polymers, this compostable shrink wrap is certified to decompose industrially according to ISO 17088 and EN 13432 standards.


It offers superior properties, including excellent seal, strong shrink, durability, clarity, and machinability. The film is printable as well.

It is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as bundling multi-packs of finished goods, presenting fresh produce and bakery items, or as a secondary wrap for packed goods.

The compostable shrink will work on existing packaging machines - just drop in to replace the existing film.

The compostable shrink is food contact approved and would be a great solution, with food contamination accelerating composting.

Businesses seeking an environmental packaging alternative to plastic shrink will be able to find significant plastic reduction with the Compostable Shrink option.

Compostable Shrink Wrap - Key Features

  • CIPET certified ISO17088.

  • Din Certco certified EN13432

  • Food contact approved

  • Sustainable packaging options for transit protection and for presentation.

  • Higher than average shrink force for robust finished products.

  • Strong, durable seals and excellent tear resistance.

  • Exceptionally wide sealing range and heat/burn-through resistance.

  • Performs on manual, semi, and fully auto equipment.

  • Ideal for high-speed shrink packaging machines.

  • High gloss and clarity.

  • Printable and/or tinted

  • Approved Food Grade.

  • Thickness range 12-80 micron

Reel Format

  • Single layer / center fold / tubular / tubular with side gussets

  • Bespoke reel size


  • Transit - Ideal for bundling, multi-packs and single labels. Shrink sleeve / master packing / packaging of finished goods such as soft drinks, alcoholic drink and milk multi-packs.

  • Presentation - packaging for vegetable, bakery and foodstuff. Secondary wrap on many types of packaging like cartons, boxes and pallet loads.

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