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Compostable Consumables 

Treetop Biopak offers a wide range of compostable consumables for everyday business use.

Compostable bags are a great option for businesses looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for their packaging needs.


The bags are made from low-cost, compostable bioplastic materials and can be used for a variety of applications, including

  • Compostable carrier bags

  • Compostable garbage bags

  • Compostable mailing

  • Compostable dog waste bags

  • Compostable produce bags

The bags are durable, puncture-resistant, water-resistant, and printable. They are also available in a variety of formats, including wickets, rolls, and loose. 

Compostable C Bag Basic Key Features

  • TUV certification 'OK Home Compostable' bag up to 60 μm.

  • TUV certification 'OK Compost Industrial' 60 μm - 123 μm.

  • GMO-Free bags are available for organic produce. 

  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Very good impact and puncture resistance.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Suitable for manual and automatic bagging lines.

  • Good material perforation, keeping fruit and vegetable fresh.

  • Printable.

Reel Format

  • On wickets or loose.

  • Rolls with tear strips.

  • String pull closure.


  • In-store collection of loose fruit and veg

  • Compostable T-Shirt bags

  • Compostable dog poo bags

  • Garbage bags or caddy liners

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