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Compostable Flow Wrap

Flow wrapping with a compostable film allows companies to bring together the efficiency of machine packing and the environmental benefits of compostable materials.

Our compostable flow wrap film can be used on existing flow wrapping machines, vertical or horizontal. They present excellent machinability, allowing seamless changeover and maintaining efficiency and speed.


Perfect for flow packing fresh produce, bakery, non-food products, e-commerce, and so forth.  

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Compostable flow wrap - Key Features

  • TUV certification 'OK Home Compostable' bag up to 60 μm.

  • TUV certification 'OK Compost Industrial' 60 μm - 123 μm.

  • Food contact approved

  • GMO-Free bag is available for organic produce. 

  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Very good impact and puncture resistance.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Suitable for vertical flow wrapping lines.

  • Suitable for horizontal flow wrapping lines

  • Good material perforation, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh.

  • Printable.

Reel Format

  • Roll size bespoke to customer requirement

  • Print on roll available


  • Fresh produce and bakery products.

  • Compostable VFFS flow wrapping 

  • Compostable HFFS flow packing

  • Non-food applications.

  • Compostable e-commerce

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