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Biodegradabl adhesive tape

Compostable Adhesive Tape

Industrially compostable adhesive tape, TUV Certified, printable, 90% bio-based. Robust with low elongation, its natural rubber adhesive ensures reliable adhesion to varied surfaces. The adhesive tape is tearable by hand, easy to unwind and apply or use on automated machines. ​


The tape is a great solution for sealing other sustainably packaged products such as compostable bags. It is also perfect for any other sealing task such as cardboard boxes, office and home use.

Compostable Adhesive Tape
Compostable Adhesive Tape

Compostable Adhesive Tape - Key Features

  • TÜV Certified 'OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL', EN13432.

  • Bio-based film from renewable resources.

  • Made from approx 90% renewable resources.

  • Strong and robust PLA backing.

  • Easy to unwind.

  • Excellent immediate tack and adhesion on various surfaces.

  • Low elongation.

  • Can tear manually.

  • Suitable for application on automated packaging machines or manual dispensers.

  • Core, label and carton box made from recycled and/or FSC certified paper.

  • Temperature resistant: from -30°C to +70°C short term (after application at room temperature).

Reel Format

  • 12mm wide roll, 86mm core, 80 meter

  • 50mm wide roll, 86mm core, 80 meter


  • Sealing for other sustainable pack types.

  • Flowers and garden waste bundling.

  • Permanent closure cardboard boxes.

  • Sustainable office and home use.

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