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Compostable Produce bag

Our compostable produce bags are the perfect eco-friendly choice for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just like the peels and leftovers from the fruit and vegetables, once discarded the bags will compost, not leaving any micro-plastic or pollutants behind. 

Perishable goods, perishable packaging. 

Using compostable bags for produce helps reduce plastic waste, supporting a cleaner planet. Ideal for grocery stores and markets, our bags maintain the freshness of produce while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

An excellent choice for food service suppliers who want to meet demand from hospitality customers to reduce plastic intake. 


By choosing compostable produce bags, packers, retailers, and manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices, attracting environmentally conscious customers.

Switch to our green, sustainable produce bags and contribute to a healthier planet today.

Let us know what size bags you need, how many, and the packing format (ticketed or in a roll).

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Compostable Bag - Key Features

  • TUV certification 'OK Home Compost' 

  • Very durable

  • Supplied on a wicket, in a roll, or loose in a box

  • GMO-free, suitable for organic produce 

  • Suitable for machine or manual packing 

  • Very good impact and puncture resistance.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Printable.

Supply Format

  • Wicket bag

  • Bags in a roll

  • Loose in a box


  • Foodservice packing

  • Retail packing  

  • Collection of loose fruit and veg at the shop

  • Local councils

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