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Compostable Garment Bag

Our compostable garment bags offer an eco-friendly solution for the fashion industry, addressing today's market pressures for sustainability.


Made from sustainable materials, these green apparel bags naturally decompose, reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.

Perfect for fashion brands and retailers, our compostable bags protect garments while showcasing your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Most plastic used in the fashion industry is in the supply chain and not visible to the consumers. Replacing plastic in the supply chain can reduce tons of brands' and retailers' footprint and allow them to demonstrate significant environmental impact.

In a market increasingly focused on green initiatives, using compostable garment bags enhances your brand's appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Choose our sustainable garment bags to meet modern demands for eco-friendly fashion packaging and support a greener future for the apparel industry.

Get in touch to let us know the size and volume of bags you require.

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Compostable Bag - Key Features

  • TUV certification 'OK Home Compost' 

  • Very durable

  • Bespoke size to customer requirement

  • GMO-free 

  • Suitable for retail packs or for supply chain

  • Very good impact and puncture resistance.

  • Excellent water resistance.

  • Printable.

Supply Format

  • Bags in a roll

  • Loose in a box


  • Garment retail packing

  • Apparel supply chain packing

  • Bulk packing box liners

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