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Home Compostable Flow Wrap for Fresh Produce and Bakery

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

New compostable flow wrap from Treetop presents excellent machinability and shelf life preservation

Treetop's innovative compostable flow wrap film demonstrates exceptional machinability when integrated into automated packaging lines.

Here, the film was tested on bakery products utilizing a vertical flow wrapper with a box motion seal mechanism. The changeover process was seamless and straightforward. Sealing temperatures were reduced to optimize performance based on the specific machine's speed, pressure, and sealing methodology. Once calibrated, the film functioned at standard efficiency levels.

In addition to good machinability, the film also provided a good shelf life for the fresh bakery products - 5-7 days which is the requirement.

Flow wrapping is the most popular packaging method today due to its versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It can accommodate various product shapes and sizes, ensuring a snug fit. With high-speed automation, it maximizes production rates and minimizes labor costs, making it a preferred choice for many industries, from food to pharmaceuticals.

Our compostable films provide the benefits of flow wrapping, without the concern about the end-of-life of the pack. Once discarded correctly, the film will compost, not leaving any micro-plastic or pollutants behind.

Sustainability is very high on consumers' agenda today when they go shopping according to a recent study by McKinsey, it is the third most important consideration, after shelf life and hygiene. According to the study, consumers regard compostable packaging as the most sustainable option today and should be seriously considered by brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

At Treetop we have a wide range of flexible packaging solutions - bags, stretch/cling film, shrink films, and more. Please contact us to see how compostable packaging can be incorporated into your sustainability strategy.



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