Compostable Net Bag

Compostable extruded net for wide range of applications. Closure with heat or metal clip, and can incorporate paper label or handle. Variety of colours and sizes available. Adjustable sizes, up to 50cm and can pack up to 2kg product. 


​Applications include packaging for fresh produce, such as onion and citrus. Presentation packaging for wrapped sweets and chocolate or for non-food products such as toys. Could be used as a protective pack for bottles or for flowers.

Eco-friendly Net bag - Garlic
Fresh Produce netting
Tray covering net
Confectionery net bag
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Key Features

  • Compostable extruded net, TUV certified.

  • Eco-friendly net bag

  • Tubular net with superior tear & heat resistance.

  • Closure with metal clip or heat welding.

  • Incorporated paper label or PLA handle.

  • Can be supplied in a variety of colours.

  • Maximum diameter and thickness can be customised.

  • Suitable for manual fill or for fill and seal automated machines.

  • Similar functionality as plastic net.

  • Max diameter 50cm.

  • Adjustable thickness and weight.

  • Packs up to 2kg product.

Reel Format

  • Tubular net.

  • On reel.

  • Individual strips.

  • Paper label or compostable PLA handles provided.


  • Fresh produce, nuts, wrapped sweets.

  • Protection for flower bud, bottles etc.

  • Non-food packing and presentation.


At Treetop Biopak we are passionate about the benefits compostable packaging. Not only to stop plastic pollution, but also to assist nature to regenerate and replenish soil with more healthy compost.