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Flexible packaging solutions
for sustainable business


Treetop's Terra Compost is a comprehensive selection of circular compostable packaging solutions and green alternatives to plastic, meeting the needs of retail, food service, industry, e-commerce, and more.

With our expertise in sustainable packaging, we will guide you through the seamless integration of this eco-friendly technology, to drive brand sustainability and circularity, at a viable cost.

Sliced bread on counter.jpg

Home compostable bags make sense for packing fresh produce, bread, and other food items. 

They are also great for non-food products such as garments, electronics, mailing bags carrier bags, and more.  The bags are durable, puncture-resistant, water-resistant, and printable

Home compostable stretch film, or cling film with similar properties to PE / PVC film. Excellent stretch capabilities, self-stickiness and non-puncture. Good material breathability to help produce remain fresh.

biodegradable stretch film; degradable stretch film, compostable stretch film
biodegradable net; degradable net; compostable net; net bag, netting, produce net

Compostable tubular net for a wide range of applications such as fresh produce, confectionary, toys, and flowers. Closure with heat or metal clip, and can incorporate paper label or handle. Variety of colours and sizes available.  

biodegradable shrink film; Compostable Packaging

Shrink film is a very useful material across many industries. Our compostable shrink offers a green alternative. It has a strong seal and shrinks, durability, good clarity, and excellent machinability. It is suitable for food contact and for non-food items

Industrially compostable adhesive tape, printable, 90% bio-based. Robust with low elongation, its natural rubber adhesive ensures reliable adhesion to varied surfaces. The adhesive tape is tearable by hand, easy to unwind and apply or use on automated machines. ​

biodegradable adhesive tape; degradable adhesive tape; compostaable tape
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