Compostable packaging

The benefit of plastic, without the pollution

The C Range of compostable packaging has been developed with similar properties, look and feel as conventional plastic. But it has the advantage of composting once discarded correctly, not leaving any micro-plastic or pollutants behind.

The products are bio-based, made from renewable resources  such as corn starch and other bio-polymers.

Treetop Biopak and KM Packaging are introducing the latest innovations in compostable packaging to help our customers meet their plastic reduction targets  

compostable shrink wrap packaging

Industrially compostable shrink film, 100% Bio-based, from renewable sources such as corn and other biopolymers. Excellent properties – strong shrink, durability, clarity and machinability. Food contact safe and printable.

Ideal for bundling multi-packs of finished goods such as drinks; presentation of fresh produce and bakery; or as secondary wrap for packed goods like cardboard boxes.

"c stretch" compostable stretch film cling film

A Home Compostable stretch film, or cling film with similar properties to PE / PVC film. Excellent stretch capabilities, self-stickiness and none-puncture. Good material breathability to help produce remain fresh.

Perfect green alternative for presentation, for fresh produce, protection in transit and bundling. Thinner version, a cling film, is a great solution for keeping products fresh in catering or home use.


Compostable extruded net for wide range of applications. Closure with heat or metal clip, and can incorporate paper label or handle. Verity of colors and sizes available. Adjustable size, up to 50cm and pack up to 2kg product. 

Applications include packaging for fresh produce, such as onion and citrus. Presentation packaging for wrapped sweets and chocolate or for none-food products such as toys. could be used a protective pack for bottles or for flowers

compostbale Biodegradabl adhesive tape

An industrially compostable adhesive tape, printable, 90% bio-based. Robust with low elongation, its natural rubber adhesive ensures reliable adhesion to varied surfaces. The adhesive tape is tearable by hand, easy to unwind and apply or use on automated machines. 

The tape is a great solution for sealing for other sustainable package products such as compostable bags. It is also perfect any other sealing task such as for cardboard boxes, office and home use.

"c bag" compostable bag plastic

Compostable product – compostable packaging.

Home compostable bags make sense for packing fresh produce, bakery and meat. The bags are durable, puncture resistant, water resistant and printable.


The materials are versatile and supplied in a range of grades. They can also be used as garments covers, shopping bags and bin liners.

WEB compostable shopping bag (9).jpg