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The Breakdown of a Pack

Compostable packaging breaking down and composting

This video demonstrates the disintegration of compostable packaging in compost.

In the heat and humidity of the compost, the material fragments into smaller and smaller particles. The material does not stop fragmenting until it becomes small enough for the micro-organisms (worms, beetles, larvae etc) to eat. You can say it is become small enough for them to put in their mouth. Like the rest of the organic matter in the compost, they safely digest the material.

The compost left behind is an organic safe material that benefits the environment. 

The carbon in the compostable pack is captured and can now be used again by plants to grow, thus closing the circle. 

Today we can offer a very wide range of compostable bioplastic solutions to replace most common plastic packaging formats: bags, stretch film, shrink film nets, adhesive tape, and more.

These packaging materials are used in very high volumes and replacing them can help manufacturers brands and retailers reduce tons of plastic waste from the environment. 



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