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Compostable Luggage Wrapping

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Eco-friendly luggage wapping

An innovative Home Compostable stretch film from Treetop Biopak solves travelers' environmental concerns about luggage wrap.

People wrap luggage in stretch film for added protection during travel. This transparent, durable plastic layer helps prevent damage from rough handling, moisture, and theft. It also secures loose items and keeps bags clean. Moreover, it offers peace of mind,

biodegradable stretch film; luggage wrap
Luggage wrapped in stretch film

ensuring belongings arrive intact and hassle-free.

But with no curbside recycling solution for the wraps customers end up with quite a lot of plastic film when they reach their destination. They have no choice but to dispose of the plastic in the bin, where it will go to landfill or incineration.

This is a real concern for consumers today and many travelers are therefore refraining from wrapping luggage in order to avoid plastic.

A compostable stretch film therefore provides an innovative solution and resolves the problem for the customer. Compostable packaging is considered by consumers as the most sustainable packaging option, according to recent research by McKinsey.

The compostable stretch film has similar properties, looks, and feel as conventional stretch. It works just the same on the luggage wrapping machines, with no need for adjustment.

biodegradable stretch film
Luggage warp stretch film

At the end of use, once discarded, the film will return safely to nature. It will completely compost, not leaving any microplastic or pollutants behind.

The customer will enjoy the benefit of luggage wrapping, without the concern about generating more pollution. This will return more customers to luggage wrap and bring new customers who were reluctant so far.

The compostable stretch film is also welcomed by the aviation industry, which is under pressure to reduce its environmental impact. A move to compostable stretch film will place operators at an advantage.



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