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Compostable Shrinkwrap for vegetables

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Biodegradable shrink Wrap that goes back to nature

A new innovation from Treetop Biopak helps with one of the big challenges of plastic packaging – shrink wrap.

Shrink wrapping fruit and veg is a great way to protect the products, prolong shelf life and reduce food waste. It is low cost, minimizes packaging and provides good aesthetic.

But shrink wraps are small pieces of plastic, hard to collect, and food contaminates. They are not recyclable and a big worry consumers.

With the C Shrink, our compostable, biodegradable shrink wrap, finally the wrap has a safe and positive End-Of-Life solution.

Just like the peels and cuttings, it will also compost when discarded correctly.

The benefit of shrink wrap, without the pollution.



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