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Compostable Shrink Wrap on Dual Film Sleeving machine

Good machinability is key for manufacturers to make the move sustainable packaging option

Our customer is a leading linen supplier to hotels, catering, and hospitality. Each bundle of linen - towels, bedding, table cloth, and so forth - needs to be packed individually to protect the clean linen until it arrives to the customer.

The company is very keen on sustainability and reducing its plastic footprint. With hundreds of tons in use every year, this has a dramatic impact on their CSR goals and sustainability record.

As a high-volume operation, efficiency and ease of use, are key for them to be able to consider a move to compostable. Speed can not be compromised, just like film seal, shrink, and durability.

The C-Shrink from Treetop provided the machinability needed and there is no compromise on speed and efficiency. The changeover was seamless and only minor adjustment to settings was needed.

The move to compostable shrink will reduce the plastic footprint for the customer but also for their customer - the hotels and restaurants. They are also under pressure to improve sustainability and reduce plastic and carbon footprint.

Our Compostable Shrinkwrap would run very well on any shrinkwrap machine and for multiple applications.

Contact us to let us know if you would like to test this green packaging alternative with your products and process.



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