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Compostable Shrink Wrap for Pizza

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The biodegradable shrink solution

The C Shrink, a compostable shrink wrap, is an innovative solutions for pizza wrapping. The Biodegradable shrink film is fully compostable, and returns safely to natures once discarded correctly in a compost.

The pizza industry is a big user of polyolefin shrink wrap. In the UK alone, an estimated 2,000 tons are used every year.

Too small to collect and food contaminated – the wraps are not recyclable, adding to plastic pollution.

The C Shrink is a great solution here.

Food residue will actually speed up the composting process.

Finally, there is a safe way to dispose of these wraps and not feel guilty about the plastic.

How many tons of plastic will your Brand reduce by moving to the C Shrink?

What will your customers think?



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