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Compostable Apparel Packaging For Sustainable Fashion

Circular Economy Packaging or Green Fashion Brands

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Blue Package
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Reduce plastic and carbon Footprints

Don't leave any micro-plastic or pollutnats behind

Thrift Shop
Online Warehouse Worker

Inhance consumer experience

Strong consumer appreciation for compostable packaging

Seamless integration

No need to adjust packing process or supply chain


Why our customers like working with us

'The bags have helped us to be even more eco-friendly and have improved customer satisfaction.

We have received excellent service, all our requirements were handled with swiftness and ease, and we have gained the exact product for our needs.'

James French, Nonna Tonda

'As well as being able to source compostable bags at an affordable price, the bags are supplied on a wicket which is essential for our way of working. The Compostable Bag was the ideal solution.'

Pam Bowers, Strawberry Fields

'What we like about the bags is that they immediately look different to their plastic counterparts so the customer is able to tell at a glance they are compostable.

Ed Gray, Watts Farms


Are bags as duarbal as existing materials?

Will compostable packaging leave any pollution behind?

Is the material printable?

How will the customer dispose of the bags after use?

Can the bags be reused?

What is the consumer attitude towards compostable packaging?

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